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About Dan

London based Dan Weller is an award winning**** producer/mixer, writer and guitarist, known for his work in rock and metal, but with credits as diverse as Children's BBC to his name. 

Dan began his musical career as founding member/producer of metal band SikTh. Renowned in the metal scene and along with Meshuggah credited with spawning the microgenre 'djent'.

SikTh are often name-checked as an influence by bands the world over. In a career spanning almost 20 years they released six records and toured the globe extensively. In 2015 they toured with US metal titans Slipknot and were featured on the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine in India. Their final show was in 2019 where they were invited to Manila in the Philippines to support Slayer on their farewell tour.

These days Dan is best known for nurturing talent and extracting the very best from the artists he works with -  taking a completely holistic approach from start to finish.  His long time studio collaborations with UK's Enter Shikari have seen them rack up  3 x UK top 5 records* including a number 2 in April 2020**), Monster Truck, Bury Tomorrow, Young Guns (Active number 1 in US***) and many more. 

In more recent years Dan has found a balance between Producing/Mixing and his first love - Song writing. Credits include Taylor Swift approved Austrian based Hunger, Sea girls, Holding Absence, Shvpes, Cody Frost and many more. 

Please get in touch with Dan and his team to discuss your project.

*A flash flood of colour, The Mindsweep

** Nothing is true and everything is possible


****HMA's 'Best producer'

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